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B. Testimonials

Desire of the Everlasting Hills (video), 2014. (accessed June 16, 2017) – “The movie exists thanks to Courage, a Catholic ministry that spearheaded the effort. Courage supports people with same-sex attractions in living chaste lives in love of God … This movie is pure witness, in the individuals’ own words, of three people’s continuing journey as they discover God’s love for them.
To watch it is to see that people who have attractions different than yours are not all that different from you. They are people living in a fallen world — our universal condition.
The journey to the Everlasting Hills is one for us to take together, joined by a shared desire for the good and the beautiful — for God. Desire of the Everlasting Hills will inspire you to give to another the true look of love we crave.”

The Third Way (video), Blackstone Films, 2014. (accessed June 16, 2017) – The title is an allusion to the Catholic position on homosexuality, which rejects both anti-gay bigotry on the one hand and the unqualified endorsement of homosexual activity on the other.
Magnificent and moving, the film features first-hand testimony from several faithful Catholics who struggle with homosexual attraction. Most of them were heavily involved in the gay scene before committing to chastity. Their experiences shed new light and reveal how Catholics can help those experiencing same-sex attraction. Their stories ultimately affirm the great joy and freedom found in the Church’s teaching, a “third way” centered on authentic love… a powerful and uplifting film.

David Morrison, Beyond Gay, 1999. – The story of the author who was once a prominent gay activist, a beautifully-crafted tale of a personal search for Jesus, and how Jesus led the searcher to Catholicism.
“This book steers a middle course: it doesn’t try to justify gay sex biblically, and it doesn’t take the position that inside every homosexual is a heterosexual yearning to burst out… very sensitive and touching, without compromising …”

Melinda Selmys, Sexual Authenticity: An Intimate Reflection on Homosexuality and Catholicism, 2009. – In addition to her personal story of exchanging secular lesbianism for Catholicism and resolving her own inner conflicts, the author presents an enlightening analysis of history, social theory, and media influence on the subject of homosexuality. She refutes much of the clumsy theorizing and junk science common from both sides of the debate, effectively bridging many gaps between perceptions and reality. Selmys addresses the complexities surrounding sexual identity with pronounced compassion. Consultant to CISVA.

John McKellar, “There’s HOPE for the World,” 2003. (accessed June 16, 2017)
– John McKellar has been the director of HOPE (Homosexuals Opposed to Pride Extremism) since 1997. Although an actively gay man, he has been a passionate and vigorous foe of special rights for homosexuals and has been an official intervenor in several court and human rights tribunal cases against Christians who have lived their faith in the public square. His contention is that gay pride actually intensifies opposition to the legitimate rights of the LGBTI community.

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