Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity – Pastoral Best Practices

C. Pastoral Best Practices

Courage. (accessed 16, 2017) – An international apostolate of the Catholic Church which ministers to persons with same-sex attractions and their family and friends. The website has links to an extensive list of SOGI resources.

Ashley & K. O’Rourke, Health Care Ethics: A Catholic Theological Analysis, 2006. – “What was already a stellar theological compendium of health care ethics a decade ago has been fully revised to meet the challenges of a new century … Clearly rooted in the Catholic, natural law and personalist traditions, it astutely weighs diverse opinions within Catholicism, as well as alternative approaches from other Christian and non-religious thinkers . . . A treasure.”

Mark Yarhouse, “Understanding the Transgender Phenomenon,” Christianity Today, July/August 2015. – Professor of psychology at Regent University, Director of the Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity. Possibly the most trustworthy, compassionate and balanced analysis of the issue from a psychologist who is one of the very few experts respected by those on both sides of the debate. Yarhouse’s Protestant evangelical perspective aligns with Catholic anthropology.

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