Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity – History

G. History

Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen, After the Ball, 1989. – Two Harvard-trained social scientists’ description of their carefully calculated “psychological attack, in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media” that played a major role in successfully normalizing homosexuality in the Western world.

Jeffrey Satinover, Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth, 1996. – A highly respected Jewish psychiatrist’s compassionate expose of the politics behind the distortion of the tragic truths of homosexuality. Recommended as essential reading by HOPE (Homosexuals Opposed to Pride Extremism). “No one has stated more eloquently the current cultural conflict.” Fr. John Harvey, Director, Courage Ministries.

Judith A. Reisman, “Crafting bi/homosexual youth,” Regent University Law Review, 2001. (accessed 16, 2017) – A consultant to the US Departments of Education and Health and Human Services, president of the Institute for Media Education and international speaker.
This article documents various aspects of sexualization in the lives of young people, exposes fraudulent sex scientists and sex education, and discusses the power and effect the media and gay rights organizations have on “turning” children gay.

Gabrielle Kuby, The Global Sexual Revolution, 2015. – A sociologist and adult convert to Catholicism whom Pope Benedict XVI described as “a brave warrior against ideologies that ultimately result in the destruction of man.”
A survey of gender ideology and LGBT demands, the devastating effects of pornography and sex-education, attacks on freedom of speech and religion, the corruption of language, etc.; documents in detail how a budding totalitarian regime is slowly gripping the world in a stranglehold. “The most comprehensive primer ever on the culture wars.”

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