CV Speaker Training Program

CV training is available to all Catholics who are interested in contributing to the New Apologetics by bringing light, not heat to conversations on hot-button issues with family, friends and professional colleagues.

It will consist of professional training by experts to help you gain a deep understanding of specific controversial issues and to apply the CV method to develop answers to challenging questions that the Church is confronted with. The training also includes participating in mock conversation workshops as well as receiving a critique of a mock video presentation.

The training requires a commitment of 6 – 8 hours per issue and is offered free with the understanding that graduates will donate their time to give presentations when requested.

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Hot Button Issues

The hot button issues you will be trained to speak on are one or more of the following based on your personal interests and background:

  • assisted suicide
  • the Church and political life
  • sexual orientation and gender identity
  • religious freedom in society
  • clerical sex abuse
  • defense of the unborn
  • population, development, AIDS and ecology
  • conjugality of marriage
  • women in the Church

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