Letter to the Editor – North Shore News

Re: “Foundation Forward” article (North Shore News, Sunday, October 27)

The editor,

Following on from last week’s “Viewpoint” lamenting the recent BC Court of Appeal’s decision not to legalize assisted suicide, Dr. Paul Sugar’s Palliative Support Foundation is, in my opinion, an example of a genuinely compassionate response to the challenge of the dying of a loved one. Palliative care ensures life, not death, with dignity. As the feedback to Erin McPhee’s great article demonstrates, palliative care enhances our respect for the medical profession rather than diminishing it, which would be the case if physicians were legally able to assist in someone’s suicide. It also gives us the opportunity to become aware of the deep significance of end-of-life suffering.

Since we are all going to die, and probably will all be in the position of being with others when they are dying, it behooves us to support Dr. Sugar’s initiative by joining him for a beer this coming Sunday between 4 and 8 pm at the Two Lions Pub and assisting in some palliative care for his ponytail, the demise of which may well occur that evening.

Peter Nation
Catholic Voices Canada