Informal PAS Workshop – Sunday, August 28, 2016 (FREE)

Informal PAS Workshop – Sunday, August 28, 2016 (FREE)

Please join us for an informal workshop on the topic of Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS).

Even with the recent legalization of physician assisted suicide in Canada, it remains important for Catholics to know the reasons why the Church opposes this practice and how to explain these reasons effectively to family, friends and colleagues.


The Dublin Crossing
101 – 18789 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC (Google Map)
There is free parking available.


12:30 pm Order drinks and food
1:15 pm sharp Start workshop
3:00 pm Finish


The workshop is open to:

  1. everyone who has already attended a CV assisted suicide presentation,
  2. anyone who has studied the chapter on assisted suicide in Austen Ivereigh’s book How to Defend the Faith, and
  3. keeners who know nothing about the CV method but who want to come just to listen and learn.

The workshop takes about two hours. It begins with drinks and munchies (everyone pays for their own), then a review of the Challenging Questions and Key Messages handout you received at the PPT presentation. The handout has now been revised so the KM’s are specific answers to each of the questions.

Then we order a second round of beers, pair up and role play a pro-euthanasia person asking a couple of questions which the “Voice” attempts to answer; the pair then reverse roles. This continues for a total of five or six rounds. Listeners can join a pair and learn a lot without feeling on the spot to answer questions they are not prepared for.

The workshop is relaxing because of the informality, plus develops a lot of confidence in “Voices” as well as in listeners.